Post PNWR Prodigy

A new video, really proud of the content. Please comment.

Great video. I finally got it to load. :smiley:

One thing, though. I noticed you made a couple mistakes with your tricks, I would suggest cutting out that part.

I would also like to say that the gyro you did somewhere around 1:35; the whole trick was really awesome.

Cool tricks, but (forgive me if I’m wrong) it looks like some of these are sped up. Specifically starting at 1:24. I’m withholding judgement because it could definitely be a camera issue or something of the sort, otherwise those are some creative tricks.

Even if so, there’s no rule saying you can’t speed up videos. I think the video was brilliant.

If the goal is to showcase new content, it probably isn’t a good idea to muck it up by increasing the speed of the video by 1.5x ???

Nothing was sped up, or so I believe, I just made it really fast, not a whole lot of tech so it was easy to do fast. Thanks for the comments.


Bump, how do you think I’m progressins.

This is actually pretty good. Doesn’t look sped up at all. IMO.

0:38-0:54 was really good. You’ve improved a lot since the first time I saw one of your videos.


Thanks for all the positive comments. :slight_smile: