Post office problem...


I know this isn’t the most positive subject, but I’ve been so frustrated about it.

A month and a half ago, I ordered my Wooly Marmot 2 from another vendor who will not be named that belongs to Vilmos Zoltan Kiss (lol), by mistake, and I caught it after it was ordered, I put the wrong zip code. The address was right, but the zip code was wrong. I thought "the address is right. I’m sure the post office could catch this and take care of the problem. My Marmot even went to the post office of the area with the correct zip code (even though the package itself has the wrong one on the address). So I thought, “they’ll deliver it to the right one.” I was totally wrong. The next day they started the process of sending it back, so I called the processing center and intercepted it and gave them the correct zip code before it went back and gave them the correct address. Problem solved, then, right? Well, three weeks later it’s in the same location and I still don’t have my Wooly Marmot 2. So, a couple of days ago, I went to the post office where I tracked it to still be at and they told me to call the processing plant again (I first called them to intercept my Marmot 2). I wonder, “why should I have to when I already did this and should already have my package?” I’m just fed up with the post office. UPS wouldn’t make a mistake like this, but I know that everyone uses the post office because it’s cheap and public.

I don’t know. I hope I get my marmot 2. I did pretty much everything I could. I’m just wondering if anyone else has suffered similar problems with trying to receive their yoyos and the post office.


I’ve had problems like that with UPS but never with USPS. Had one shipping problem with UPS and once with Fed Ex. Never going back, USPS has never screwed any of my packages up, everything get’s to where it should on time or earlier. Best of luck!


USPS messed me up huge one month ago. I know I already posted this on here somewhere, but seriously. For various bizarre reasons I had to mail my car and house key from Denver to Salt Lake so my girlfriend could get into my house in Vegas. Denver to Salt Lake City. It’s a 75 minute flight and like an 8 hour drive. I priority mailed the keys on a Monday. The label with the address was 100% correct and printed. USPS lost my keys, then they delivered them to the wrong house in the wrong town on a street that wasn’t even on my label. The people at the wrong house in the wrong town returned the package to the postal service and said, “Hey, this is the wrong town and this address isn’t even our address.” Then the postal service forwarded the package to my girlfriend’s house at the correct address…but instead of 2-3 days it took over a week and we had to get a locksmith to break into my house and make duplicate keys.

In other news, a few weeks back I mailed a CLYW box from Las Vegas to the UK. That took LESS THAN 1 WEEK. Vegas to the UK 5 days. Denver to SLC 8 days. Nicely done, USPS.


Dang that must’ve been stupid expensive.


“Let’s get this thing up and the scale”


…car key and house key…?
Or were you guys just being


Yes, car key and house key. Haha. Thanks for pointing out my grammar mistake.


Around Christmas of 2012, I mailed my Secret Santa recipient a package. If my memory serves me correctly, it was going from MA to WI. I had to send his stuff in two separate packages, because I was sending a 24 yo-yo case as part of the gift. The packages were both sent Priority and addressed the exact same way. My Secret Santa recipient received one package in 3 days, but the second package took about 8 days. When I called USPS to file a complaint, they said that Priority within 2 to 3 days is no “guarantee.” That 2 to 3 days delivered that they advertise has “no guarantee” in the fine print or not printed at all in advertisements. Since then, I have not been a fan of Priority shipping. I paid a good sum to have that 24 yo-yo case shipped in a priority box, and it took more than twice as long as it should have for delivery. It would have gotten there faster first class or even parcel post.

Besides that, I have not experienced any major screw ups, just minor delays that annoyed me every once in a while. In about 800+ transactions with USPS, still not a bad track record…very good actuallly.

I really hate customs though, and I’ll elaborate if someone is really that interested haha.