USPS is corrupted and it'll stay the same.

Their job is to “deliver to the right destination on time.”

How hard is it to go to the right address and knock on the door or put it in the right mailbox? Tracking number says it’s delivered in my mailbox, but it’s not in there. “Bunch of curse words to mailman!!!” Key is needed to access the mailbox so not anyone can just open it and take things out of there.

I wrote a note to the mailman about this and filed a claim online. Yet nothing has changed. Stupid mailman can’t do his job right. Doesn’t even show effort to correct it.

So I have to wast my precious time and effort to chase my package because stupid USPS workers can’t do their job? Have to go to the post office for them to hear my words? I’m so aggravated.

I had one bad experience. A package was to be delivered to Oakland Avenue, and it went to an Oak Avenue.

However, the post office does a great job with the high volume of mail they deal with. This of how cheap shipping really is. You can send an envelope 3,000 miles from New York to California for 49¢.

Once upon a time I had an 80 dollar package delivered to me by UPS and they wanted 42 dollars for “Brokerage fees.” I refused the parcel and went to my local customs office and got custody of the package and paid a small fee of 3 dollars.

Shipping sucks these days.

The only shipping company that hasn’t wronged me or made me angry so far has been FedEx.

Just yesterday had a package that took longer for such a stupid mistake .

Destination was the fort worth post office .
It got to the fort worth facility and then They sent it 4 hours away to the wrong post office in witchita falls.

Spent another entire day to get back to the same facility that it should have stayed in

Well when you reduce pay, benefits, pension, and increase hours the “talent pool” dries up pretty quick.

You get what you pay for folks, and USPS has done a fine job of running off the good help in the last decade.

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Do you guys realize how much mail they move?

Also, if some of you wrote neater there would be less problems. You should see some of the handwriting that’s come to mailbox.

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It is seriously a needle in a pile of needles, with multiple piles of needles in a needle factory.

Not even as bad bad as the mistake they made when I ordered from billy bob’s
I live in El Paso, TX…

Nah, but really, even with that, I still ship usps all the time, just buy insurance and they get stuff right 98% of the time, especially considering they handle the whole country’s mail

You guys aren’t going to believe this:

One time I was shipped a yo-yo, the shipper used USPS, and it arrived on time in he described condition. It was totally INSANE. What NERVE USPS has doing their job right.