7075 BBB Chief, a tale of woe

On July 6th 2013 I purchase a BBB 7075 Chief from Duskeye through this forum. The yoyo was in very good condition have one small but a little deep pinprick on one rim. I believe this yoyo is one of just three made. On February 18th of this year the yoyo departed my collection in exactly the same condition towards another forum member for whom I have the utmost respect. It departed in a USPS priority mail preprinted box with the appropriate delivery and return addresses written directly on the box. On Feb 20th I was notified that this throw had in fact departed the USPS sorting office towards not the address of the recipient, but towards the mail recovery center (the ‘dead’ mail center).

After continued USPS harassment, I was informed today that USPS have no record of where the package has ended up, whether it did indeed make it to the mail recovery center, or got lost along the way. I am devastated at this terrible loss, not only for the recipient but for the community having lost such a wonderful item. I will of course make it the situation right with the recipient, but this does not change the fact that this CLYW beauty is now somewhere out in mid-America either in trash, or in the hands of the undeserving. USPS auction off such items if they do not get claimed so please, if you see this throw being bandied around via the interweb, let me know. If only for the piece of mind I will get from knowing I was not the one that caused this tragedy.

I write this in a jovial tone simply to hide how angry I am with USPS and as an avenue to vent my frustrations. The recipient, who shall remain nameless unless he/she chooses to reveal themselves, has been nothing but gracious and accepting of my apologies. However I cannot but wonder how USPS have misplaced an item with no label to fall off, no extraneous packaging holding the address to break. The item was clearly still attached to it’s tracking number when it started winding it’s way towards the recovery center, so how now is it detached and disappeared?

To those who manufactured a lovely looking BBB 7075 CLYW Chief, my condolences…


I feel for you Man.
I had a very similar situation happen as well.
I decided to ship high ticket YoYo’s through Fed-Ex going forward for just this reason.

They are a far more accountable organization, and though it certainly costs more, for an expensive YoYo, I just consider it the cost of my sanity.

Again, I’m sorry to read your story.

There have been an insane amount of USPS horror stories lately. I thought people were blowing smoke for years having only one bad experience (identical situation to yours) a couple years ago on YYN, but in the past 6 months I’ve had all kinds of nonsense happen.

Just this Monday (the 24th) I finally messaged a seller asking if they had shipped my item that I purchased/sent payment for on March 1st, as the seller had marked my item as shipped but never supplied a tracking number. They almost immediately replied that they shipped shortly after I completed payment and that they would replace the lost item. On that very day the item arrived, postmarked March 3rd. The seller lives about 100 miles north of me. It took 21 days for the package to travel 100 miles. I suppose that both the seller and I should be thankful it arrived at all.

Yup. Happened to me recently with a Nickel Plated OD Dingo. :confused:

Sniff Sniff

That’s too bad that such an awesome throw got lost

That is so sad…I’m sorry.

In terms of USPS errors, I had two mistakes happen last week. A package I ordered from eBay came and it was completely torn in half, contents empty. USPS insurance replaced the cost of the contents because it was clearly their error.

3 days later I priority mailed my house key to my girlfriend because I was on vacation for 3 weeks and she needed to get into my house. The package should have taken two days. It went multiple incorrect destinations, was delivered to the wrong house in the wrong town, hundreds of miles from where it needed to go. The complete strangers it was delivered to were angels and returned the unopened package to USPS who then forwarded my key onto my girlfriend. It took seven days, not two…moral of the story is absolutely use FedEx if you’re shipping something of importance.

gl, sorry to about the misfortune of such an awesome throw.

U dog bro?

No it was sniff sniff as in I’m crying.

I wasn’t actually crying BTW

That’s a bummer… sorry to hear that.

Government agencies, never let you down…

I know duskeye. He’s a friend of mine in real life not the fourms though

Sorry for your loss.  :-/

Priority Mail does come with $50 Insurance now automatically - if they lost it like that they should mail you a check.  You should file a claim to at least get that $50 back from them:

We have had packages show up 2 months from when they are mailed via USPS Priority. 
So it may still show up someday!

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Thank you all for your caring and sharing. I have indeed filed both a complaint, and a claim for my $50, although given my current feeling, I can’t imagine I’ll see any of that $50 any time soon. I may take to Fedex, however one thing that I’ve realized I should do is post each package with a packing slip inside. I don’t know whether this will ever help but it was recommended by USPS.

Who knows, hopefully one day this throw will turn up back in circulation. This isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last time a throw disappears, but solidarity to all you avid BSTers. It’s a treat, happily provided for us by the lovely people at YYE so don’t stop BSTing, but do so wisely. And with additional insurance when appropriate :wink:

Happy throwing to you all!