POPstars not here yet, Jensen Kimmitt, sweaty hands (dry string, burn)

I made another topic on general yoyo called POPstars uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh on page 5 right now Yoyoexpert said that the POPstar yoyos are coming on late july, look at the date! I wanted it for the MWR, I only had 2 yoyos, guess what, I got 52nd place out of 54 people I think, but not just for that, it was really humid and I was one of the last ones to go, and I did not have yoyo glove so the string burned my fingers, and whats that trapeze jump Jensen Kimmitt did on 2010 on the yoyo world championship, will someone make a video of that, I would really apreciate it.

How many yoyos you have makes no difference on how you play in a contest, so complaining about it makes absolutely no sense. I was at MWR and it wasn’t TO humid, it was stickier than I’d have liked it to been, and the stage makes me a tick nervous, so I can’t hit my tricks, which is odd due to me being an actor. Anyhow, the jump is just an eli hop while jumping over the string, nothing to complex, just really hard.

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The enter key is your best friend.

First of all, the player makes the yoyo. Not the other way around.

Secondly, invest in some nylon thread and learn how to make your own string. Not only is nylon much much more resistant to moisture than polyester or cotton are, it also lasts longer than normal cotton or polyester strings.

And making your own string is tons of fun.

Actually depends on which yoyos you are using haha. If you are using say micro yoyos then yeah, they will affect your performance

Micro will not affect your performance in any way.

Sure it is more difficult to land on the string, but as long as you practice your performance will not be affected. :wink: