Popstar problem

I got a yyf popstar, it was really squeaky so I put some oil on it. Thankfully it isn’t squeaky any more but is now very responsive. How would I fix that

Just keep playing it it will break in

You may have overkilled on the oil. You can either keep playing it until it breaks in (could take a while depending on exactly how much oil you put in) or you can clean the bearing by soaking and swishing it around in some mineral turpentine and then reapply a single drop of oil.


What type of oil? Or you mean lube? Cause I think actual oil is too thick.

I think that I am just going to break it in. Thank you all for your help!

Mine squeaked too. Just live with it. Just break it in.

Nothing wrong with responsive anyways :wink:

If you used a proper type of thin bearing lubricant, you’ll be able to break it in within a few hours of throwing. If you used some type of thick or medium oil, it’ll take a very, very long time for the bearing to become unresponsive again. If you’re able to tell us what you put in your bearing we’ll be able to give you a much better idea of your options.