Popstar a good yoyo or bad yoyo

I was looking at the yyf popstar (obviously) and i was wondering can you do any real tricks with it? And yes i know its is small and gets time getting use too and that you need to like using lighter yoyos but can it actually do some tricks like can it do advanced to master or just advanced?

Anything you can do, it can handle.

End of story

Really, here’s a more detailed copy of Q’s reply:
Really popstar is just a good all metal yoyo that can handle anything like surpossed to anything. All about skill. The question “What tricks can it do/handle?” is pretty non-sucseful because if you say that to Q, he’ll say it can do anything. Like there would be a doubt if a Legacy could do anything, but for a popstar, is it obvious or is it not?

I have 1 and i love it more than 70 dollar lunatic so i got rid of lunatic. It can bo whips brent stole,hidemasa etc. but also tricks like hourglass and white buddha the only problem is binds seem to slip just a bit.

Any moddern yoyo can do any tricks that are in trick lists. By moddern I mean produced after 2005.

And any other non looping trick.
Any looping yoyo with a bearing can do any looping trick.

actually schnayke, thats not true. there are MANY yoyos out there that are many yoyos produced after 2005 that cant do any trick. Take the yomega power spin for instance. can it do ladder escpape? or yuuki slack?

I read about it on the yoyo reviews and it said that it likes to tilt when you’re going to do long tricks but I haven’t try any

Hahaha Oh man this is classic.

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Like the others said you can do anything with a popstar. For the most part, ball bearing yoyo’s today can all handle the same tricks (besides the obvious, you can’t do 1a tricks with a looping yoyo). The difference is some yoyo’s maybe more difficult than others when performing these tricks.

main thing i mean is that any yoyo can perform most tricks OR all. its on skill much more depended on yoyo. really there is no better yoyo and that the question (excpet for obvious) “which is better” is just not needed. Its all skill and preferance