Yyf popstar final thoughts

Wow. Im impressed. Ive been playing with this yoyo for a total of about 17 hours and this yoyo brings yoyoing to a whole new dimension. I can honestly say that i think for this price, anybody who is serious about yoyoing or anybody who wants to improve their skills should get this yoyo. Heres why:

Im not gonna sit here any lie about how amazing or whatever somthing is. I hate to write a review and just say how amazing somthing is, but i just have to with this yoyo. Just by spending only 1 day throwing nothing but this yoyo, you can literally feel the precision that you get from it. Today and yesterday, ive been playing with nothing but this. Without even noticing, i was focussing harder than ever on landing tricks that i was a little shaky on before. Tonight, i picked up my 888x, and it felt as big if not bigger than my superwide and dm2 combined. I did a spirit bomb, and it was so easy that i almost thought the yoyo was magic. There are no words that can describe the feeling after playing with the popstar and switching to my other yoyos. The only thing i could compare it to, is trying to hit a baseball with a chop stick for an hour, then switching to a tennis racket. After playing with the popstar, it seems like i can land 20 eli hops right on the bearing every time. The popstar may not be your main throw, or you may not even like it at all, but it WILL improve your skills. It forces you to make precise catches that carry over when you use a wider, bigger yoyo. Some of you may not even see it as a yoyo, but more of a tool or a tehnique used to practice.

Out of all these aspects of the yoyo, i think the main thing i love about it is that it costs $25.99, and it plays like a professional $200.00 yoyo. DO NOT let the price or size fool you. Dont go by what reviews say either. You MUST experience this new dimension of yoyoing for yourself.

I might be looking too far into this. Does anybody agree? Gimme ur thoughts in general about super undersized yoyos. Am i the only one this obsessed with yoyos?(probably)

Popstar is definitely made to super power your normal throws. i only have a g5 and a popstar whenever i go back to my g5 there is no need to even think about hitting strings. i only started doing eli hops with the popstar and it helps sooo much! the spintime is suprising on the yoyo too, mine came pretty unresponsive and the feel is awesome. if you want a sweet yoyo to carry around its this one! ;D