Pop'n'Fresh ... gah.


I don’t really expect much advice (although if you have some, that’s great, too!) but rather just checking to see if I’m the only one having huge trouble with this trick.

I have popped and landed ONCE successfully. ONCE. I do tend to give up quickly because I’m not even close any other time I try.


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Here’s a couple of thoughts:

  1. You may be popping to aggresively. Going to fast can cause the yoyo to actually bounce back down. If you try some gentle pops you may actually gain enough time to see what is happening.

  2. Try to keep the yoyo directly in front of you or just off center, towards your dominant eye, just a bit.

  3. When you are in the mount check to make certain the strings are nice and straight and in alignment with the yo gap, follow that path with your hands.

Good Luck!


practice… that’s all I needed with this one but yeah was skirtz said helps too


I had a lot of trouble with pop’n’fresh when I first learned it too. Once you do your mondial, you want to pop it up into the string and then cross your hands. If it doesn’t hit that string then you’re going to mess up. Also, when you’re practicing, always do mondial or even a barrel roll first so the strings line up.

Hope this was helpful! :smiley:


lol. Everyone calls him skirtz!


It’s his nickname on the forums right?(not his username his usernames nickname). and enyone know spirit bomb? http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,51356.msg510202.html#msg510202


i might have a great tips on this one ,move your TH backward 1st when you do the 1st pop and then again and again then again , move your TH 1st


Thanks, all; will try to put the tips into practice!

Nobody found this far more difficult than Boing-e-boing? My internal wiring must be funny. :wink:

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Nobody, noooobody. I would guess that you are all alone on that one. Although, I would bet there are a lot that wouldn’t mind trading pop’n’fresh for boing-e-boing.

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True story.


You’re not the only one. I can do protrusion and boing-e-boing like nobody’s business, but I still can’t do a proper pop’n’fresh (Hence why I’m reading this thread. ::slight_smile: )

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I stand corrected. :o


I got some Pop’n’Fresh goin’ on now! Still not as smooth or impressive as I would like…

Turns out I wasn’t over-popping, I was under-popping. Needed to more aggressively hit that top string as I went from the split-bottom back to the starting mount.

Combined with being extra-careful about string alignment, managed to freshly pop a few!


Boing-e-boing was SOOOOO easy! LOL!


Try placing the hand closer to you higher. If you start popping when your TH is farther, then lower your TH then raise your NTH then pop then switch then land. Your NTH should now be both higher than your TH and closer to you than your NTH.

At least for me that’s easier…

Somehow for me it also feels like boinging…


Thanks for the tip. Getting better each time I practice it (as one would expect). Just time to refine using hints like that one.

Not trolling, but I didn’t find boing-e-boing as hard as this trick. Fo’ rilla!

One of the next things I need to do is start pulling some of these into combos. I am pretty lame at doing that. But it should be obvious that pop’n’fresh, mach 5, boing-e-boing and other front style tricks should seamlessly blend together. Have to give it an honest effort some day!


There’s a vid by Alexis JV, regarding front mounts and some combo elements, its got some nice mini tutorials and a sample combo that may help you get going.



I’m serious I got this down in 10 min.


Dude, that’s the most helpful front-style video I’ve ever seen. Ever. Thank you so much! That kid has some real charisma as well as skill; entertaining to watch = easy to learn. :slight_smile: I’mma get started.


Glad to help. That vid and kid rocks. I always go over his vids to learn something new.