Pop 'n Fresh...more like Pop 'n Stale?

I need help with this trick. I’m almost embarrassed to show what my Pop n Fresh actually looks like as there’s no pop to it at all, and definitely nothing fresh about it :slight_smile:

I do know it works from the Mach 5 mount but I can’t quite get that pop to happen, ends up looking like I’m just rolling back and forth. This is one of those tricks I tried a couple years ago, got annoyed and moved on. But now I feel like maybe I should be able to pick back up on this and nail it…but nope!

I’ll give you a proper reply soon, I just have to feed my son his bottle.

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I just posted my reply to yoyogirl in the other post. But I’ll post it here too.
A slow mo version of pop and fresh.

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Okay. I’m having trouble seeing It clearly, but I think I can help.

Firstly, to get the pop, use the spring from pulling the string tighter as well as a small amount of popping action.

After the pop, your arms need more of a lateral movement rather than a roll while the yoyo is in the air.

Keep practicing this action while at all times maintaining some tension on the string so the yoyo does not give the dipping effect.

The rest is just more practice. :slight_smile:

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Here’s another angle, decided to give it a whirl again while waiting at Walmart lol

Update: Funny-ish story. I get back home from the store, set up my GoPro and get multiple angles. Towards the end of my shooting something just clicked, and was getting the pop to happen, as well as intersecting the string as I crossed my NTH UNDER my TH…which I was not doing in my Instagram clip. From here, it’s only progress and making sure I keep things aligned so I don’t miss landing on the strings.

Pardon the mess, but…here’s where I sit now with Pop 'n Fresh:

Based on that last video, I’d say you’ve got it!

I’ve never seen a smoother and faster Pop’n’Fresh than Frank Pantland (the yoyologist)… can’t remember which video of his showed it prominently…

But suffice it to say, there was zero pause as he alternated back and forth. I have yet to achieve that. If you’re THIS far already, yours will be better than mine in weeks if not days.


Yeah that last video was pretty good. You’re getting the hang of it!

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It’s really poppin’ today! before I decided to record progress and was warming up, I did about 6 reps. Not crazy fast, just doing what I feel comfortable with so I can make my landing consistent.

I knew you would get man. Great job. I bet yours is better than mine already. But I’m glad you got it.

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Thanks for the kind words, Greg! I’m only starting to get back into throwing after a break of a few months (wrist injuries and busy adult life!) and haven’t been on the forums much, seeing my name was a nice surprise to come back to!

I think the video you may be thinking of is this one-take video, though there are only a very few pops in there.

My advice - practise Pop n Fresh directly from a Split Bottom Mount rather than going into a Mach 5 mount. It’ll help you work on your aim. Once you are more comfortable with that - do a couple Barrel Rolls or Mach 5 rotations first to align the strings and make the formation tighter, from there you can work on speed and smoothness.

I may be tempted to make a video, but bear in mind I’ve hardly touched a yoyo in 3-4 months…

Practise from a big Split Bottom Mount to improve aim. Then practice from a few Barrel Roll / Mach 5 rotations for speed and smoothness.

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That’s the one! Smooth as heck right there. :slight_smile:

you my good sir, are a freaking magician! That’s was pretty awesome to watch!

Nice trick, Frodoslair!

Do I qualify as an old dude who can kind of throw?.. I’m 32. :slight_smile:

Yes. And… we’re having the contest again this year… Shhhhhh… still ironing out the details. Don’t tell anyone…

Half the pops were cut off because of Instagram times limits…but a smooth Pop n Fresh should look something more or less like this: