pop n fresh

I just can’t get pop n fresh! Help!!!

It’s deceptively difficult, or at least in my opinion.

First, make absolutely sure you’re in the right mount to start. So, split bottom mount and then get into the same mount as Mach 5, but without doing any rotations.

Then after that it’s MOSTLY a matter of keeping your strings lined up and in the gap. Pop one string too much sideways and you’re done for.

One of the most common mistakes is to cross hands the wrong way. Make sure your hands are oriented exactly in the tutorial and don’t reverse on the second pop. The second pop is just “undoing” what the first pop did. Instead of thinking “pop, then different pop!” think of it as “pop, then reverse that back to where I was!”

I find this tut by mryoyothower really helpful: https://youtu.be/NA6JoskPiEo
Also do a couple barrel rolls first to make the string a little shorter would help too.

I did 2 reps of pop n fresh and slowed it way down…
maybe check it out. study the hand movements and all. Good luck. This one gave me trouble as well.