Pop the Clutch

I’ve watched Andre Boulay’s Video of Pop the Clutch but when I try it, it shoots way out of control and I can’t get it to a sleeper again. Help!!!

Well just try to keep it parallel to your body. Also, you could move onto the next one. You don’t need to learn every single trick.

i don’t real see way ever body has trouble with that trick i mean im on plan d and i can it even do pop the clutch or rock the baby and thats just me

(p.s)i have been yoyoing for six month.

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I actually had a rediculous amount of trouble getting this one down too. The yoyo would either come back out of control or snap so hard it popped my knuckles. It would almost look like a grind over my arm and down my chest into my hand, instead of popping over my arm and into the air.

What worked for me was to adjust where on my arm I would rest the string before reach to tug on it. I found a sweet spot for me was higher on my arm just a few inches from my shoulder joint. It also helped to raise my elbow higher so my upper arm was nearly parallel to the ground, but I’m not flexible enough to get it really parallel. Depending on how responsive your yoyo is you might want to throw a weaker sleeper or let the yoyo wind down some before tugging it to return. Too much snap on the return was a problem for me too.

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