Poor Thing!!!!!!!

He once had a yoyo and played with it all the time! It was his favorite yoyo. It may be the only pink Eetsit around.

And then one day it happened!!!


If anyone has a purple yoyo that would donate it to Abner Jones to fix this Eetsit please PM me. I really want it to be pink and purple!

how did that happen

wtf looks plastic

Is this a common problem for Eetsits? I’ve seen this happen a few times before.

The Eetsit came with a VERY shallow pad recess. Everyone knew that the hub area was too thin to recess but they did it anyway. Including “The End”. Its waht happens when you don’t pay attention to your material when you recess it.

I think he had it in his pocket at work and leaned against something and pop.

The yoyo is powder coated. That’s why it looks plastic. also I used a cell phone for the pics.
Look at the bearing seat on the side without the bearing.