Eesit Hub Mod!


So here was an Eesit that was missing a hub for a few years now! Originally, the modder, Feralparrot, was recessing it, and as you older guys now, the Eesit had very thin walls, and recessing it only made them thinner, causing the hub to break off. I acquired this from Jrodriguez, and got to work on it! Originally, I made a hub out of delrin, but there were multiple problems with that, so I decided to just cut the hub out of a Project 2! Came out very smooth, with no more vibe than what the Project 2 had, which is pretty much none lol Been wanting to do something like this for years now, and I finally was able to!


But… the project two…


Is not worth as much as an Eesit, nor does it play as well :wink:


Somewhere out there is a gold/brown eetsit. The stock version came in a two tone - half gold-brown and the other half a green-silver as you have.


This was an original Eetsit I bought from Sunny. I have never seen another one with this colorway though I’m sure they exist somewhere.


That’s pretty much what what mine (and all the rest) looks like. I think the color variation in yoyospirit’s photos is confusing. Probably due to lighting.

Actually, yoyospirit’s looks more like a bapezilla colorwise.


Mine’s just two silver halves lol


That is so cool looking.


You’re confusing people with your two silver halves yoyospirit lol


Huh, wonder what happened to the pics, anyway, they’re back up.