Polyester Questions

1.Can I use spun polyester to twist strings?
2.What effect does melting polyester on a wood axle does?


  1. Sure.
  2. The string will break a lot sooner than it normally would. Just to see, I tried it just now (neon orange poly on a Spintastics Technic) and I got the string to break within about 5 minutes just from throwing it around and letting it sleep.
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Also,The thread is availible in cotton/nylon right?

And I’ve been playing a hand twisted made of spun polyester string for about 10 minutes and it’s not showing signs of breaking yet

It’s possible you’re using a different type of string that has different, or is not all polyester. Or the axle is better… or something.

Your exact mileage may vary depending on how hard you throw, how broken-in your axle is, and the exact makeup of your string. The important thing is that cotton string would’ve lasted much longer.


So,a polyester string won’t stay long on a new wooden axle?