What type of string is best for looping?


I am new to looping, and I would like to know what kind of string works best. Should I use cotton, polyester, or a mix of the two?


Most loopers use a starburst response which tends to melt polyester strings over the long haul. Your best bet would be a 50/50 blend.



I believe it was the old wooden fixed axles that melted string, not starburst. I’ve looped with 100% poly for a long time without ever having string melt. It would fray and snap, but not melt.

But I do agree 50/50 is the best option out there. I used to use poly, and it worked decently well. then I switched to 50/50, and it was just way better.


Short answer: 50/50 :]


Solid axles, especially wood, would cause the polyester fibers to melt/burn a bit. Metal solid axles weren’t as bad.

I’m finding I am preferring 50/50 myself. 100% poly isn’t bad. I prefer that for other forms of play.