Polish yoyo promotion

Hey there guys, today I will link you a few nice videos done by polish yoyoers to promote yoyo in Poland.
Yoyo is still very unpopular way of spending your free time here in Poland, for example: I live nearby city counting nearly 100000 people and I dont know any1 who is yoyoing here :slight_smile: never even seen some1 in with yoyo :slight_smile: and we all know that yoyo is really worth promoting :slight_smile:

ok so here u are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnEtTMvD8NM
here is video from yesterdays night from Poles Got talent: http://mamtalent.tvn.pl/wideo,1912,v/wykorzystal-swoja-szanse-w-stu-procentach,965645.html
beining in tv is gr8 to promote it couse that show is watched by literaly milons of people who mostly doesnt even know that you can do sth else with yoyo than going up and down :slight_smile: