Pokey metal


My duncan metal driftet hit the sidewalk and has a scratch and it’s really pokey is there any way I can smoothen it out without. I don’t have any special tools so simple things would be cool


Well, depending on what options you have available and the damage…(can you post a photo?)

You can “walk the dog” and hope to smooth it down, but this will take forever. It also depends on where the damage is.

You can get some sandpaper or a scotchbrite pad and attempt to smooth it down. You may have to worry about vibe issues depending on how much material you take off. You may also want to use a drill and use that to spin the yoyo half while you sand off the problems.

You could file it, but that will take time too.

The biggest concern is if it will cause injury such as small cuts or slices. If not, just live with it.


https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/376053_188564524568884_100002460127935_416719_952328290_n.jpg see


I’ve seen worse. Sand it down, you’ll be fine.

(WildCat23) #5

Send it to Studio42. He has a shelter for abandoned yoyo’s, or something like that.

In all seriousness I suggest filing it down or satining it.


There’s already a Metal Drifter at the Studio42 YoYo Orphanarium and it’s in nearly new condition.

Going to open it back up probably around the December 18th for a short run. I’m waiting on the availability of funds to run it for a bit.

(WildCat23) #7

So if I want to adopt a yoyo from the Studio42 YoYo Orphanarium is all I have to do sign some papers and provide it with a fit environment? :wink:


I sandededed it and it’s cool now. (purposefully did that) and adopt as in like renting it for free or something


The Orphanarium right now is a way to add to my collection for now where I have a list of wants that I’ll pay cash for. Later on, it’s gonna be sort of how PlasticWhip is saying. It’s going to be a finite amount of money each month to help people who need cash unload their yoyos, and in turn, I’m going to keep what I end up liking and then putting the rest on BST. It’s going to be more of a novelty thing where I’m going to be providing a “certificate of adoption” and “ownership papers” in the package. I’ll also accept trades.

Just looking to provide a service to the community but put a fun little novelty twist on it to make it fun.

So, right now, all adoptions are a one-way path into my permanent collection. Later on it should be a bit more complicated with the buying, selling AND trading. It won’t really be done for profit, so as long as I cover my financial costs, its good.