Pocket friendly yoyo

Hey guys. Today for the first time in a LOOONG time I walked out of my house without either a One Drop or my Trigger with me. All I had was a Yomega RD2 with me. I had popped Duncan spacers and a worn out friction sticker in it. My friends here in Mexico also yoyo and I had a blast showing them some new tricks with this yoyo even if it was a lot harder(theyre working on Kwijibo right now) I enjoyed it. I think I shall now look for another narrow yoyo and I ask for your advice. The Yomega will do for now, but the A sized bearing leaves a tiny gap and lets the string fall in and get chewed up sometimes. I need something more durable and lasting, preferably prettier. What would you guys recommend? I am not looking for a yoyo to compete with, I want a fun yoyo that fits in my pocket. I was thinking a Tom Kuhn but have no clue about them other than he was a pioneer in yoyo design. I want a yoyo that I can adjust at least a little bit(pads, spacers, etc) to change level of response, as sometimes I want to loop too. What is your advice? I dont want to drop a ton of cash on one of these yoyos, so I might buy used(offers welcome). Or are there other companies yoyos I should look at?

a speed dial can loop and play unresponsive, and yoyoexpert sells b grades for $20. its a tad biggish though. a popstar is nice and small, and although its not the stablest yoyo, it can perform.

This should help. :slight_smile:


Oh sorry I didnt explain myself fully explain myself. I meant either a Modified yoyo or a narrow wood yoyo. I am looking for something slightly responsive, not just a small unresponsive yoyo. Thats why I said Tom Kuhn yoyos

Oh wow i forgot that  was my thread!

anywho, the pocket change looks perfect for you

Looks OK. Although I am looking for a more of a Modified shape such as Tom Kuhns or say the aforementioned Yomega. I want something that can be set up pretty much to loop but also do some simple tricks and make it slightly responsive or unresponsive by adjusting the gap or pads. I dont really want a butterfly yoyo. I want a pretty yoyo. How is the TK Pocket Rocket?

The pocket rocket is small. Very small. The Kuhn roller woody seems like a good option for what you’re looking for.

Most of the yoyos that come to mind are all discontinued but I’ll list them anyways:
Old yomega metalic missile, the sigma blade zwei, the renegade, maybe a freehand 2.

This wouldn’t be pretty like the Tom Kuhns, but maybe a Duncan Pro-Z? I have one, and they do looping and 1A pretty well. Also, this is off topic, but you have a Trigger?! That’s awesome! How does it play? Sorry for that off topic comment.

Yep I have it right next to me. It’s good to have friends :). Got this one from JD. I’m trying to finish a review I’m writing on it. Just having problems with it. I’ll say, definitely a yoyo you will want to have. Think Supernova shape. Add weight rings that give it a different feel from the YYF Star line. Add a grinding surface. And don’t forget YYJ quality. With that you might have a rough idea what it’s like. Definitely my new plastic daily carry :).

And back on topic, how do the RB1 and SB 2 play?

Today I played a Freehand 2(old non recessed version) with one silicone sticker and it felt better nice and relaxing. I much pick up a few more just to change up the colors. Mine is a Vertigo FH2. But still I keep thinking about those woodies and modified shape yoyos. I keep looking at those TKs. Also got my eye on a Duncan Avenger if I can find one. Saw the TRVTH but it’s waaaay too expensive and I don’t want jus another unresponsive yoyo.

Pocket change is pocket friendly. Why else should it have the word pocket in it?