pocket change/os rims

how does the pocket change with the offstring rims play for 4a?
is it durable?

and quick off topic qustion whaen does the yyj feiesta come out?

Yes… Its extremly durable… I’ve taken like twenty foot drops to the face and the ground and its still going strong… Be sure to keep the caps TIGHT… It might come apart on drops other wise…

It can feel very unresponsive, but its not bad. I like mine

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would you have to single or double wrap it to bind back

probably not it comes back pretty well

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Depends on string thickness… I was playing it with some thinner string and needed to double wrap, Im now using Perfect fit, which is a little thicker, and I only need a single wrap.

I called yoyosam to ask about zeekio yoyo gloves and asked about the new yyj offstring he said it was called feiesta and would be there to sell on 4-17-10.I didnt no they were comeing out with one called equinox dose anybody know about that?