Pocket Change IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I wont be here this weekend..

Well, I’ve been drawn into 4A… I was dumb and sold my Aqua to Johnny T forever ago because I was a newb and couldn’t do it… So I gave it up. Then there have been two videos that I watch constantly…
I mean daily…

So this had me pumped… I was like YEAH!!! ROCK ON!! I <3 4A!! I need a yoyo…

Then Jayyo was selling his Aquas… I didn’t have the money… Major bummer… I remember showing my dad the awesomeness of the pockect change and Offstring and the switch-a-roo thing…

Well… He got me a pocketchange and an offstring…

Its pretty awesome… The pocketchange is unresponsive but very snaggy… And the offstring is also very snaggy, but I really like it for offstring play… and together they make an AMAZING offstring yoyo… Its very unresponsive, and a little hard to get used to, but its awesome… I enjoy it for offstring much more than my DM (Which I lost)

So, what Im trying to say is… I’ll be camping this weekend and will work on a review monday… Should be up somtime next week.

So look out for it!

Have a nice time camping! And the vids are epic! :slight_smile:

You might like this video. It’s what convinced me to get one of Jayyo’s Aquas

must… find… my bigyo


That… Was… AWESOME!!!

While were sharing awesome 4A vids… Any one have that one with the guy doing a Mario Themed 4A freestyle?

I so wish! THat would be sick.

It really is