Pnwr results

Congrats to everyone that won!
Gentry stein 1st 1A
yuuki spencer1st 2A
3A -don’t remember might be yoshi
4A Zach rubino
5A miggy 1st
Note: any else who went who else that the jks were a steal!

Daniel Dietz 2nd 1a
Zach Gormley 3rd 1a


sport ladder resualts???

JK’s were such a freakin good deal. What about novice freestyle results??

Wish I knew I competed in novice free style

I went but had to leave before awards. Those evil yos were insanely awesome. Daniel should have won though

Yeah I know it sucks that Daniel had to do it aging though

Yea I really want to know the novice freestyle results! I was the guy that did the neck trick and möbius.

That’s cool I went up after the " yoyo mom"

Yuuki Spencer won first in 2a.


Full results posted at

Thank you for running a great event Nathan.

Sucks I don’y get to know my score in novice freestyle. I’m Mason DeVriend.

Rankings were not determined past 3rd place. Your freestyle was very good though.

Thanks! I will be back in action next year!