BAC Prelims? What'd ya place?

I placed 59th :slight_smile: I beat Ann by a little bit :slight_smile: same with Jordan and ColeJ

I think I did pretty well for my first competition :).

You beat a sponsored yoyoer, way to go! Did you get a H3X?

EDIT: Nvm, i just read on another thread you did… How does it compare to your titan and diamondback?

Good job!, what great day at the park! I had a blast! the comps was unreal.

the wind was causing some mistakes too.

All in all a good day.

Who won the 1A?

It was a Tie, between Gentry Stein and Luis Enrique Vazquez Villaseñor. (my bad)

I messed up BADLY, so I placed 62nd. I congratulate iYoyo58 on placing well on his first time competing!

I got 75th. This was my first time competing as well. I messed up my routine horribly, but oh well. It was fun.

Nice going there you guys. Just getting up there and having fun doing your routine is what matters.

I got 4th in 4a and 34 in 1a. I think I could have done a lot better in both though. :confused:

I free styled half of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone told me that you got mad, but I doubted it. I thought the Judges screwed up Royally on your prelim! You are way better than me by a mile!

I got a scuff on it :’( I swear I died a little inside. On the other hand, it has a feel like a DM2 with the grooves of a Theory, the weight of the diamondback, and the awesomeness and speed of the Titan 3. It also finger spins like a Diamondback. Thumb grinds like a DM1. Was worthy every penny.

First time doin this contest thing, got 41st I think? The pic my friend took cut off the placings hahaha
I really liked being able to see all the other division freestyles in person, stuff is a lot cooler in person.

Was pretty fun, but I think more people shouldve used Call Me Maybe. forreal.

Now I’m going to binge watch arrested development even though I slept like 2 hours last night.

It was a tie between Gentry and Luis. Paul Kerbel got third. YYF Team swept it