GA State yoyo contest! Congrats Darren!!

It’s almost here! Putting the finishing touches on my routine. First time in the pro 1A division. It’s nice stepping out of my comfort zone, rather than competing in the sports division all the time.

Who’s all gonna be there?

Update: Darren Tan (Leftylink) wins 1A! Congrats!!

I’ll be rooting for you! See you there :slight_smile:

Good luck! I won’t be there, but I wish I were.

Aw man! We never officially met, but I saw your 5A performance. It was killer!

I’m going! See you there!

I just saw this haha. Thanks Alec! :smiley:

congrats lefty link… i wish i could stil be down there to see the contest. It seems like as of late the community there has taken off and is going to hopefully become larger.

Thanks dude! Yea I’ve been noticing that too. Every SE contest that I go to the level of play gets higher and higher

the level of skill was already high.

After I saw the list of players, I knew Darren had this. Congrats, buddy! Any idea when we will see the rest of the results and videos?

Results should be posted today!


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Oh man… I actually placed in the top 10? That can’t be right hahah

I thought your freestyle went well! It was cool to see you looping too.

Spenser Davis, tho!

1A: 2nd
Aerial: 3rd
2 Handed: 1st

This kid is unbelievable.

I was close :wink:
2 Handed-2nd

I actually just started looping, and I plan to actually compete in the future!

yea i met him he helped me learn about a easy string tension loosening trick thanks dude
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ??? :-X :-\