AZ states announced!

It has been announced on Facebook! Saturday November 8th from 10 am - 5 pm.

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Thanks for posting!

Where is it at

Yay :smiley:

Tempe marketplace mall

Hwat! I’m going!


Got 3rd last year in 1A. I’m planning on taking 1st this time around.


I’m hoping this will be my first competition, so if I do compete I think I’ll be getting first. :wink:

Not so fast, this is my first contest too and I already am gonna take first. Can’t be three of us ;).

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Dennis Cinquegrani from Utah told me at Nationals that he was coming down for the contest. He’s got some pretty impressive tricks for yoyoing only a little over a year. 1A is gonna have some fierce competition.

Did they ever post the final scores anywhere?

Haven’t heard yet.

Final results are posted at! I got 11th in the 1A finals :stuck_out_tongue: It was a nice first time experience though, I’m sure I’ll get that 1st place next year. Watch yourself fellas!!