PNWR 2012


I’m going. I hear it’s two, three days this year. Prelims might start Friday night at 6:00. Then I think it’ll be Saturday, Sunday. February 24th, and 25th. In Seattle, Washington I’m pretty sure. Should be fun!


Sounds legit! I’m in for sure. I went last year and its getting to the point where it needs to be a few days. Should be great!

(M.DeV1) #3

im entering in 4a. look for me i have a blonde mohawk that i dont put up with a green and black vans hat. maybe we can meet up!


I’m also going. I’m from Wisconsin, entering 1a and 4a hope to have fun but the three day thing might screw it up for me.


I’m in. My 1a FS is tight, working out the kinks on some 5a.


We all need to meet up outside it is tiny inside im gonna be the somewhat fluffy ginger haha im doing 1a and 3a


If it’s three days I can’t enter… But if I can I’ll do some sexy 1A and 4A.


February 24-25, Center Room at the Seattle Center. Where are some good close hotels people are chillin at?Friday Night Prelims!!!

Any updates from Nathan??

(Edmeister) #9

Dang it its Friday!


I am going to try to make it there this year.Hopefully if everything workout .


Preliminary info has been posted on the site. Full rules and schedule will be up around the first of the year.

(Odog (a.k.a Odon)) #12

Im going this year. Im 11 years old. This is my second yoyo contest

(Edmeister) #13

Is Sports ladder That long?


Are you competing?


My second contest as well, very great atmosphere isnt it, hehe. I am going. 1A

(Edmeister) #16

I cant make it to Prelims unfortunately.
I may or may not go to Prelims
definetly going and Competiting in something however.


Good luck!


I will probably go but, I probably won’t compete. I have only been yo-yoing for a week with the ONE by YYF and the best trick I can do is the Matrix/Plastic whip. Maybe I will see some of you guys there!


definitely going. Its gonna be my first contest. Gonna be awesome!!!


Awesome! I can’t wait. i should book my tickets now.