Pacific Northwest Regionals 2012

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Pacific Northwest Regionals will be in Seattle, Washington at the Seattle Center. Day’s are February 24-25, Friday and Saturday. Prelims start at 6 PM on Friday. 10 AM-5 PM will be Sport Ladder, Novice Freestyle, and 1A-5A Finals. The contest is also moving to Northwest rooms at Seattle Center due to center House Renovations. Be sure to show up on time and give it the best you got! Reply to this if you have any questions or comment if you’re going to be there! :smiley:


Umm, sorry buddy but you are a little late, there is another thread already like this. It may be slightly different, but practically the same. see for yourself:,34620.0.html

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Thanks for the information >:( :-\ :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :-[