PNWR X: February 21-22, 2014 - Farewell to Seattle

The 10th Pacific Northwest Regionals will take place February 21-22, 2014 at the Seattle Center Armory.

I will be taking the ride down from Burlington,wa.

This will be the last PNWR in Seattle for the foreseeable future. In 2015 the contest will be moving down to Portland, Oregon under the direction of Colin Leland.

Don’t miss the chance to send Seattle Center out in style.

This calls for a serious party…

Time to bring in the big guns.

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I am half happy and half sad. I really liked having an excuse to go to Seattle, but it’ll be nice to have a contest a few minutes from my house :slight_smile:

Is it a friday to a saturday or a saturday to a sunday because the dates are a friday to a saturday?

It’s the same Friday/Saturday schedule as the last couple of years.

1A Prelims will be Friday night beginning at 6. Everything else will be Saturday starting in the morning.

Darn I wish I was off. I hope it stays in seattle.

As it says above it’s moving to Portland. And how do you know you’ll what days you’ll be working 4 months from now ?

How do we register/where is the website?

Ahhh damn. Not in Seattle after 2014? Whyyyyyyyy

New coordinator and lots of the players come from Oregon/Northern California.

I registered but at the end it said “Thank you for registering for 2013…”

Is it supposed to say that, or is registration for 2014 not up yet?

lol I guess not.

Registration for 2014 will be up soon. I’ll post when it is.

Regarding the move, after 10 years in Seattle it was time to move it to the other main metro area o the region.

Will there be a chance that it might move back to Seattle?

At least when it’s in portland, everyone can get voodoo donuts!

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