Is it going down in seattle this year?

PNWR will be staying in Seattle, but not much else has been said about it. You can check out the Washington Yoyo Club facebook page for more info as it comes up

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I really want to go to it meet some other throwers. Ive never met another everything I have has been off yoyo tube

I thought it was going to be in Portland this year…

Staying in Seattle, huh? I hadn’t heard that.

I normally don’t have the time for it, but I like having a contest that close, should I be able to snag a few days in February.

I thought it was moving to Portland, Oregon.

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It’s in Portland this year.

On Washington yoyo clubs face books page it said it’s staying in seattle

If it’s staying in Seattle that’s great!! I loved my stay there, and I’d happily go back and visit.