PLzz Help!!

Plz can someone help me with the ending of haddock. I think I am doing the part with the slack wrong but all of the tutorials go to fast on that part.

try this tut

i did but the ending were u pop it up through the triangle from the back is impossible. I was trying to YoyoExpertTutorials because it lookes much easier but i just cant seem to get the whip part

there is no whip in haddock…

i think he means the slack part at around 2:50 of the video

ahhh. its simple, think about a GT. nowgo to mount it, but miss to the inside. thats essentialy it.

do u think u can give me a video tht further explains it. Because i am still confused i understand the video on this forum but i think the one from YoyoExpertTutorials is much easier and cleaner. I just can figure out tht one part. Help would be greatly aprietiated. I have been trying to learn this part of this trick for about 6 hours staright

cann u make a video because i still am confused. I really want to learn it using the video from YoyoExpertTuorials it looks cleaner and easier beside tht one slack part… THanks


not the best tutorial. im planning on remaking it.


click link. watch tutorial…

Look at the link he posted…
Is that so difficult?

Honestly, just keep practicing the movements and try slowing down the video frame by frame so you can understand what’s going on.

You should have it in 10 seconds flat if you take the time to analyze and study it.


u dont understand i have been doing tht for 3 hours i want to learn the way from yoyoexperttutorials. if u think its so easy can u make me a video of tht one part. its the slack part. if u can i will love u


can you not take 2 minutes to search for the right part? or is someone on the lazy side?

chill out u dont have to comment if u dont want to. I am just trying to learn this dang trick. And I have been reasearching it but they dont have o slow mo on tht part. So dont call me lazy i am just asking if some1 can help me.

Lose the attitude, its just an issue of not looking closely and taking time.

Slow down, you can get this.


Yeah man. We’re trying to help you and you keep on saying all these rejective things to us, it makes us no further helpful.

sry about the attitude guys was just alittle angery i couldnt get it. Finally starting to get it sometimes. Agian sry bout the atitiude