1a Tutorial - Yukwrist

pretty sick trick :wink:

Thank You!

nice and easy trick

This trick looks awesome! :wink:

I am learning it at the moment and I can land it (sometimes) but I’ve come across some problems.

  1. How can I make the part where you go in the string again (after you pop out the yoyo from the mount) more fluent? I’m having troubles landing it in one fluent motion even when I do the strings apart with my thumb.

  2. Is there a tutorial or some tips on the slack part itself? I can get it around both my hands but it doesn’t look as smooth as it should be.

Not sure what point you are talking about in 1) The slack part is called yukki slack, I believe there is a YYE tutorial one it, I know others have covered it as well. Give me a time in the video for the first question and I’ll try to help.

I meant the part around 1:00 :slight_smile: I can land it but it doesn’t look too smooth.