candy slack help!

I can not figure out candy slack i have seen the petr kavka slusny video here but it doesnt explain it well enough

It’s a cool trick, I watched that video a hundred times and finally got it. I will try to make a video for you later today to help further break it down, unless someone beats me to it (at work now).

I’m in the same boat can’t understand what needs to be done

I have been watching the video too and do not know what to do after the Double or Nothing brother mount:P

So, I will try to make a video for you guys by tomorrow, but I have it here in this video for another look…it’s at 2:54…i just didn’t repeat it like he does in the video (i think?)

As promised, hope this helps, it’s not perfect.


Thank you very much:)

I just started learning this trick today and have most of the moves down, my only problem is getting back into the houdini mount towards the end of it. I always end up in a double or nothing instead and have no clue what i’m doing wrong.

Could anyone make a video with a better angle on how the string goes over your wrist during this part?

The last move, when you catch the slack, it naturally creates the houdini mount as long as the string was going around the back of your NTH. at 3:26 in my vid, if you freeze it, make sure the string is in front of your thumb, but around your hand not just your index finger.

Thanks for the help^-^ I have all the moves down now… just gotta smooth it out

I understand how to do the trick, but when I drop the NTH finger and bring the throw yo-yo around, when i put my hand through the string and pop it off, it will sometimes hit the string above it or start falling to the side. and then if i land that, i cant catch the slack part and get it around my thumb as well, any advice??

I cant figure out the Slack part when you are in a houdini mount and your NTH hand is in the mount in the back. and you slack the front part of the mount but not the back.

Please help. The slack is just wrapping twice around my hand and im winding up in a double houdini mount.