any advice on candy slack?

alright so I’m trying to learn the try and a familiar problem is constantly occurring

  1. when i swing the yo yo over the loop in the first part but my yo yo keeps rejecting the string
    2.when i get past the first problem some time and trick the 2nd part when he does that tehnical stuff i am consistently in a trapper and his brother every time this is boviously not right but i cant see what I’m doing wrong

So, on the first move, turn your body towards your nth and bring your th under the yo-yo as it comes around. It’s just a version of brain twister around the horizontal strings.
For the second problem, um, do you end up in a perfect brother mount? I’m sort of confused, but I think you aren’t sticking your nth middle finger out when you dismount from the houdini mount.

Let me know if this helps!

Also for the first part, bring your hands closer together.