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stop asking for a chief with hubstacks, its gettin’ old y’all.


If you want a Chief with h




Sorry I accidentally hit the send button thingy. I was going to say if you wanted a Chief with Hubstacks I bet Landon balk could do something for you.


Um…he is actually kinda going AGAINST that exact thing…


Senseless thread or useful PM?

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Why is this the first time I’ve heard of this being asked of?




Oh hey there useless thread, my name Is Matthew! It’s great to meet you! But, I need to be honest about something, I want you out of my life, you’re causing me confusion.

Good bye, I hope I never meet you again.


(Owen) #11

Well, there’s that thread where people are saying One Drop should make a chief with RSMs and kids have been sayin that they want if forever and there’s no way YYF and CLYW will collab so I vant eet to end.

That is all.


Wtih cheese on top between two buns please!


YYF and CLYW have collaborated in the past. Just sayin

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I honestly, and surprisingly actually never heard this before.




Augie vs Boyd


I’ve heard about it on YYF’s, but I didn’t find any more info about it.

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They did this in 2008. Read all about it here:

Also if I recall correctly they did some wooden yoyos together, idk.


Here’s another picture


Hey, finally a yyf with a nice splash done right! ::slight_smile: