please vote

Please give your thoughts, I didn’t know which one to choose from, they are all good.

All of them are quite good. My favorite out of all of them would be the Hitman X. It is amazing.

People please vote above, I want your opinions

Theory’s probably the best out of those.

I have had my Dark Magic for 3 years now and every time I buy a new throw I end up going back to my DM2.

Is the theory good all around?


OneDrop just restocked their benchmark series so I’d rather pick up a V or H but of the ones listed I voted for theory

Best part about the side effects system is that if you ever overtighten your yoyo and strip it you can just replace the side effects and be all good again.

I’ve thrown all of those except the Atmosphere, and I can honestly say…


Sooo good. It’s great for grinds, has an awesome shape, and just plays really well.

Heard nothing but good things about the Theory. I also think that the Diamondback is one to consider, too.

It’s about price range

Yeah, it is pretty pricey. :stuck_out_tongue: