Are one drop benchmark series good yoyos ?


I’ve never purchased or used a one drop yoyo.


That are great yoyo’s. I have the “O” and the “H” and both are dead smooth and play great. One Drop yoyo’s are among the best in the world. And the machining is 2nd to none!! The price is great as well.


Yes, very good, as well are all of their other throws. Onedrop is one of those brands that produce flawless throws, and as far as i’m concerned there hasn’t been a single defective model produced by them. As far as the benchmarks, all 3 of them are amazing. I have the benchmark H and have played with the V and O. All are dead smooth and have amazing build quality.


They are top notch, pretty much all of them. So much so that’s its hard to give a “short” list of my OD favorites. No matter what play style you prefer, they have something for you. The benchmark series is no exception. I prefer the O, but there’s no denying that the H and V deserve equal credit