Please Tell Me What You Recomend Cuz I Need To Know Soon

Ok So Im Selling Some Of My Old Stuff Hopiing To Get Some $$$$ And I Plan On Buying A New YoYo

Here is what i got in mind

Werrd TFL (havnt played but realy want to try a beef cake)

YYF Boss (Got to play with one at a get together . . . beast)

YYF DV888 ( I got an 888x but i guess there not to similar)

HSPIN The Cut ( Havnt Tried But want too)

SPYY PunchLine ( Havnt tried but the demo vid with guy wright looks like it plays like a dream)

So Please vote on the poll or leave a comment cuz it is really appreciated

If you want something different get a 4XL since it has beefcake. The BOSS is beast and currently my favorite yoyo and the yoyo I use for most of my current vids. DV888…meh, I don’t hate it but it had a very strange thud to it, no matter how much bounce the string had the yoyo itself has this weird thud. The Cut is an ok playing yoyo, people say it feels like a ball of aluminum foil on a string but it wasn’t too light and was pretty fast. The punchline I have never tried, it seems good and I want it. Also Guy Wright is beast on practically any yoyo, he’s just THAT awesome.

Punchline= Float, SPYY beadblasted (awesome grinds), Rim weighted, fast when you want it to be.
TFL= beefcake is kind of like a better version of a KK IMO. All Werrd yoyos are BEAST and fun.
DV888= Nope never did it for me. Never liked it never will.
Cut= never tried it but it felt nice and different in the hand.
I would recomend the Punchline but your gonna have a hard time finding one now.

The Cut is my fav, every one should have one,but the NVx is they way to go, or a Beysick, but I LOVE the Gorylla, or a 3yo3 yoyo.

just to really throw ur head into a mess how about the new YYF Primo check out my review,13375.0.html, also I have a review on the Werrd TFL,,12336.0.html ,the beef cake setup is awesome plays like a kk but about a million times better.
If you are worried about the price I would go with the DV888 its a great yoyo I feel but thats just my opinion.

Well i got to try the Boss And i LOVE it but i reaaly want to try the two fat ladies so i think ill end up with that