Please tell me how this looks!!! Thanks!!!

This is an idea that I have always wanted to do!!! I was finally able to do it!!! But I don’t know if it looks good or not!!! Thanks so much!!!

are you talking about the filming view or a particular trick

JUst everything. Do you think the First Person View is good, what do you think of my throwing, everything.

I like everything, man! The yoyo, the filming, the tricks. Keep it up!

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Thanks so much!!! I’ve been wanting to make a First Person Video for so long now!!! Thanks for the support! Just made my day a lot better!!!

haha no problem, man! Glad to make you so happy!

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Looks great, but those left handed tricks mess me up!!

ikr I’m a righty, and I’ve always been fascinated with leftys. Watching someone yoyo left handed is… Pretty cool.

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I rewatched this and was even more impressed! Sweet finger grinds and hand grind! Btw, a bit off topic: what kind of shoes are those? They look like mine!

Ha, they are mainly black with the bottom area an awesome shade of blue. They are the “Vox” brand. They are awesome shoes for a great price!!

ohhhh! They looked JUST like my Supras, so I though they were! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I had Supras!!!

really? Well at least you fooled me! I thought they were lol.

I like it! I really enjoy first person throwing videos.