Please Sell Me a Good Unresponsive Yo-Yo!!!

Hi, jordandarkmagicII here. I was just wondering if anyone can please sell me a good, unresponsive yo-yo. I like all types, plastic, metal rimmed, mostly I really like all metal yo-yos, but I am looking to buy any unresponsive yo-yos!!! If you are possibly interested in selling any yo-yos, please post on this topic AND PM me!!! And I might be willing to trade some stuff, but I don’t got any extremely expensive yo-yos that anyone would want to but!!! But if you want to know what yo-yos I do have, just PM me that you would like a list!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!! jordandarkmagicII… OUT!!!

I got a String Theory Singularity(beadblasted) and a Duncan Echo incoming.

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I have a superwide, supernova, and super g, offers?

How much are you looking to spend on it?

I have a few. PM on its way.

I have a Protostar and PSG, both really good unresponsives

But a PSG or Asteroid. Unresponsive out of the cardboard tube, durable enough to take tons of abuse, and cheap enough to negate this BST posting thread.

agreeded i like the PSG more though