20% off! Hectic, DieNasty, Bearing Butterfly, Pocket Change, Freakhands $16 PSG!

I have extra yo-yos. I finally am willing to sell the ones I don’t use enough.

I don’t care about shipping costs. Unless you want them to arrive in a box, fully assembled. I will get the yo-yos to you safely for little cost on my part.

Before the discount is given, I want to see if anybody wants my PSG’s. I have a yellow and a blue one. They are fine. They just don’t bind tight enough for me. $16 each.

Before the discount is given, I want to sell my PSG’s at “retail” price. Are there any for less on the BST at this price?

All prices are 20% off. Prices fixed to reflect discount.

Blue FreakHand $10 8 [i]Orange Speedmaker[/i] 10 $8
Grey Little-Bearing Lunatic $40
These three do not differ much from straight-out-of-the-package condition. Except most of them don’t have a package.

Glow DieNasty: Siliconed. Everything is fine. $18 $14

Hectic: A few marks around the rim, but very, very little wiggle. $40 $32
Yuuksta: Small bearing. Pretty wiggly and beat up. Still great to play with. $40

Here is a group shot of most of what is listed above. There are also some that I have just not had time to photograph, like a Markmont and a BvM. There are also extra tidbits interspersed through the photo that I don’t really want. If you buy one of the above yo-yos, I can get you a tidbit for just a bit more.

I’m not really looking for trades.

Get me a message, we should be able to work something out.


Surprisingly few people have followed the suggestion to use a PM with a subject line…

Doing so significantly raises your chances on getting any of these yo-yos.

To Novax and yoyoFRReeak and other posters:

Please put questions or inquiries in personal messages. This is the third time in this thread I have had to suggest this.

Zeros and Project gone.

Previous incarnation of this post read:

I have extra yo-yos. I don’t like playing with them very much any more.

Bassalope (pink)

I dropped it, so it’s a bit wiggly. Two iPads installed.

[s]Peak (“white”)

I am open to money offers about $90. [/s]

[s]401sd (red)

Plays fine. In good condition considering how much I played with it. Just scuffs, no wiggle.
Tell me what kind of shuttles you would like (hard plastic, softer plastic, or hard plastic sanded down with silicone sticker)
All given prices include shipping in the US. If you want more info or photos, just ask.

I would be interested in trades involving money and a Velocity or two. Try me, but please don’t be insulted if I decline.


Thread used to look like this. Re-vamped.

Do you want to play with my metal yo-yos for me?

Any interest?

psg added


Updates: dv888, MM, one psg sold

Actually, the DV888 is NOT sold yet.

He mentioned several times to send him a PM if you’re interested, with a subject line. Not make an offer in the thread itself. Also, posting your email in any public forum is a horrible idea. Do that privately through PM. You’re probably going to be the target for a spam bot now. Also, free bump!

1$ for genesis jk offer i really want it ;D

Ruggle helps.

Hokay, the Genesis and Speedmaker MIGHT be taken.

The following are sold:

MarkMont. $65 52[/s] http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc290/theOldestCraze/Deviate88.jpg [i]DV888:[/i] Small bearing. A little wiggle, but very few marks around the rim. 40 $32

Maybe this Genesis+: Blue with pink splash, an inverted JoeXAnn version. Probably the nicest-condition yo-yo I own. $80 $65