Please pray for this family <3


My mothers sister is going through some really awful times right now. She recently just got a divorce with her husband, and they have three kids, Sarah, Smith, and Samuel.

Sarah is going through some awful times at her school, i don’t have the full story on this, but i know that things are getting pretty bad. Sam is lost without his father after the divorce, and he is really depressed. Smith recently got bitten by a Black widow spider, and it has gone un-treated for 5 days, because they just now know about it. He is going into muscle convulsions, and has an extremely bad rash that goes from his finger tip to all over his face. a big spot about the size of a golf ball on this arm has rotted away as well. We don’t know if he is going to be alright because as you know, Black widow spiders are extremely deadly.

Please keep this family in your prayers :’(

Thank you all,



there in my prayers! :frowning: please keep up updated!


Up date! we just learned that the Rash all over Smiths face and upper is poison ivy, and was not a product of the black widow bite. His arm is very slewed though, and they probably going to give him anti-venom.

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Thank goodness he’ll be treated.


Well that is still some great news, it indicates the effect of the venom hadn’t yet spread as far as once thought.

Hang in there, we’re all here for you.


i am toooooo! ;D


Me too, I will make sure to pray for this family.