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Ok, got a good mix here that I’m ready to part with. All prices are shipped USPS ConUS. (Pics might be out of order, sorry) No damage unless stated.

The wood mix will be a TMBR Baldwin (old school), an OUT JFF, and an OUT Pocket Love B grade (both also OG). All the yo-yos play very well, but the pocket love is B Grade because of vibe. I want to sell these as a lot for $20 SOLD

Radical Seas, Set Sail: blue/green split, all the original goodies included. The Radical Seas card is not a sticker. $40, $35, $30

OD, Chik: gray, awesome throw. SOLD

OD, OG Rally: spring rain, at this point it is a shelf queen. If you buy this yoyo, I cannot recommend that you play it. The cracks common with this version are present here. It is the first Rally version ever made, and it was kind of a big deal back then. If you’d like to have it to display, let me know and we can work something out (not looking for much) SOLD

Recess, Joyride: Red, special colorway. This design closely mimics a particular legendary Italian sports car manufacturer. I won’t mention the name to help Recess avoid another cease and desist letter (:grin:), but if you’re a car guy it’ll be obvious. $45, $40, $35


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Im down to take the Rally if its on the cheap. Whatcha asking?


Price drops


Wow, someone got an amazing deal on those fixies! :astonished:


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