Bunch for sale - Partial collection purge

Partial collection purge. Going through the collection again. Not looking for trades unless you see a bunch here you want for a Mustang or WMM, in which case I may be able to pull some other yoyos to trade, otherwise no trades.

Only shipping in the US, insured with tracking. Shoot me a cash offer if you think my numbers are off, I’m easy to work with :+1:t2:

Rows, Left to Right:

Row 1
CoreCo Loop Diggers Alleycat - mint $75
DocPop Weekender - brand new with pouch - SOLD
NoJive’s - the Special below it is a gloss finish, the burgundy is a SF era that I stripped and repainted - SOLD

Row 2
YYF 401SD - small bearing, half blue/half pink, “YO” engraving in the catch zone, great rare yoyo - SOLD
YYF Protostar Victor Gravitsky edition - nmtbs, these make great 5A yoyos - SOLD
Duncan FH-AL - blue with silver caps, new in box - SOLD
Duncan Haymaker Beta - nmtbs - SOLD

Row 3
YYF Kommune - from b grade sale, has ano flaws, really great yoyo - $40
Heshgod Petri - feels raw, may be clear, nmtbs - SOLD
YYF Sprite and 44 - the 23g and 44g yoyos. The 44 has ano spots, makes it look black with clear speckle and has a touch of vibe, very cool yoyos that everyone should experience - $60 for the pair

Row 4
Duncan FH-AL - black with orange sparkle FHZ caps, one small pin prick on the rim, the bearing posts are tight stripping ano off when it was unscrewed, light vibe on the fingernail- SOLD
Old School Throws Quint - Limited Edition hardcoat version, with tin, nmtbs - SOLD
Duncan GTR Beta - like new in box - $70


@AKYOYOMIKE haymaker

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Some cool yoyos left.

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Updated listing, just 4 more sales to go. Thanks!


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