!! FT: OG YYF YOYO LOT FROM OLDER MEMBER, LF: Cheaper full size throws !!

Hey guys, I used to be here a lot a few years ago and mostly traded on the now COME BACK TO LIFE YoYoNation. Where you can surely see my +515 rating!! These were my favorite Yo’s during my throwing years, so these were the one’s I held onto. Most in excellent condition. As you can see some are custom sand blasted for better grinds. Willing to sell cheap as a lot for reasonable offers. PRIMO SUPERSTAR trade for cheaper full size throws.

Sorry, some people dont know the old YYF’s, the yoyos are “PRE 2013” versions of the superstar rockstars and primos, they are USA made out of 7075 Aluminum, not 6061 Chinese stuff. They were $100-$130 retail. Thanks.

-Hectic is small bearing version and mint!!

***Please text me, I’m not on the site often *** Steve- 510 four three five 3370.

Both popstars sold for $25

Both rockstars sold locally

Popstars sold to Jared from Missouri.

memorial day bump and sorry to Bob, please text, I’m not on the site very much at all.

its so floaty

It would help if you listed what you are selling. I’m kind of slow and don’t recognize all that you have in the pics.

Only Primos left, yoyonation is back