!! CLYW HORSESHOE BAY BOREALIS !! Old BST OG YYF's still here too !!

Well it’s that time again. I’m not interested in plastic, undersized or any metal less than 43mm in width.

Steve 510 four three five 3370

CLYW BOREALIS- This is the most beautiful YOYO I’ve seen, the colorway is just incredible. It plays very smooth and has a tiny flat spot and a very small scratch, it’s pretty near mint. I can send pics to cell upon request. The pic of the shape is where the marks are visible but camera has hard time picking it up. Would really like to trade for another full size CLYW, One Drop, an Edge or Bimetal.

These PREMIER YOYOFACTORY are like new, these are USA MADE 7075 Aliminum, I kept these on a shelf and used my other duplicates. I siliconed the Superstar and Primo.

-The SUP3STAR is the best of the superstars with short axle, solid machined hubstack posts. $45

-The Primo is just that!! It’s perfect and stock. $30

-Rockstar, well that’s what you are when you throw it, it’s amazing. -$60 Sold!!

-Gold Aviator 2. There are no nicks or scrapes, only reason I hesitate to call it mint is a few pin point size scratches on the side from laying it on a desk. -$30

-Gold 2013 Superstar Unengraved. It’s a pretty awesome yoyo. I will love to keep it, has two small pin head sized nicks, you can see the biggest one in the pic.-$30

-LF: In Particular I want: Supernova any edition especially 7075 , Topdeck , EDGE , Bi Metals

-I’ve got Whipple Bearings, Concaves , ONE DROP 10 BALLS and Centertracks I can put in the YOYO.

*** Text me for fast response 510 four three five 3370. Steve ***

I just want to say I have bought from sloegoe a couple of time and he is a good guy to deal with

I Wanted to start a yo-yo company back in the old days and I wanted to use one drop 10 balls. I never got around to making the yo-yos but I purchased 25 one drop 10 balls and about 15 one drop eight balls, most of these have never been played most of them were 10 balls. In the bag are the ones I have left because I never play flat bearings myself. Make me an offer on all of them, make me an offer for a few, let’s see what we can do.

*** Please Text *** Steve 1 510 four three five 3370****

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