!! Old School YYF Primo , Superstar , Rockstar and One Drop 10 ball bearings !!


These yoyos are in great shape, make me an offer!!!, looking for $50 for the Primo and Rockstars, the Superstar is exactly like new $70. I don’t play anymore. Each yoyo will come with a concave and One Drop 10 ball bearings. I have One Drop 10 Balls 5 for $20, One Drop 8 Balls 5 for $15 Thanks. I had 70 perfect trades back on Yoyonation when it was the place to trade (you can call or text me (510 four three five 3370) . Steve.

Will ship for free with asking price Green Primo Sold to AWL!!


bump it up and you dont stop


Hey could I have one for free

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