FS/FT Superwide Popstar Protostar Metal Drifter and 7075 Primo

Thanks for checking out my B/S/T!!!

Here’s what i got for sale

$40.00 YYF: Super Wide Paint Scratches around the rims (Does not effect play)

$20.00 YYF: Proto Star Mint

$75.00 YYF: Primo near mint

$15.00 YFF: Pop Star 1 or maybe 2 Flat spots (Does not affect play) SOLD

$12.00 Duncan: Metal Drifter With silicone so it is unresponsive and it is pretty roughed up around the edges (play is a little viby)

!!!$120 FOR ALL YOYO’S!!!

Add $5.00 for shipping

Willing to haggle a little bit on prices.


YYF: space cowboy, 2014 bi-metal genesis, Big Deal.

YYJ: Diamond Back, Phenom.

Other: CASH!!! and if you have something offer it worst im gonna do is say no.

Thanks For reading send me a PM if you have any questions or want to buy a yoyo or 2

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Do you still have the yyf pop??

I’ll give you ten for the popstar

its pending right now