ft/fs : YYF PGM2 / Duncan metal drifter / whip + pocket change

[s]Will trade all four for one sweet deal!

I will sell all four for $50, low ballers welcome! pm me with any offers.

if you actually go and buy the pgm2 ($30) metal drifter ($22) + pocket change (14) + whip (10) = $76

All of my yo-yos are new except for the pgm2 ( used/ slightly scuffed/dinged) but i am throwing in the new spacers, which i got for $5. Its not used, still in plastic bag.

Again I rather trade, but I added prices anyways but any offers welcome!!!

[s]YYF PGM2 :
with new spacers (in bag), scuff marks, few dings - nothing major that effects play. will send you the old spacers that are on the yoyo now also.

If I have to sell then $25

Currently going through the trading process!

Duncan Metal Drifter:

Plays very well, no scuffs or dings. If you add a center trace bearing, its totally unresponsive.

If I have to sell then $16

Added :

Whip - perfect condition - brand new

Pocket Change - perfect condition - brand new

If I have to sell then I am selling these together, because with shipping its not worth selling separate.

Whip + Pocket Change = $16

Waiting to hear from another person for the rest of the three yo-yos, but still nothing confirmed. Feel free to offer for the other three.

Prices include priority shipping. Its the safest way to ship with the boxes, even if its for one yoyo.
I expect the same from you if we are trading, NO PADDED ENVELOPES PLEASE!

I am trying to add a video, this is my first video ever so bare with me :)[/s]


Brand new yyf Whip

Perfect condition!

Also Brand new yyf Pocket Change with center trac bearing!

Perfect condition!

Video for my BST, used all of the yo-yos here, bored  :slight_smile: