Please limit size of signature

I’ve been noticing people with unusually large signatures and was wondering if it was possible to set a size limit to how big a persons signature is able to be


on what?
Like on cards, or in general?
i haven’t ever really noticed this as a problem.

Mr. Yoyoguy, you used to have a really cool sig at the bottom of your posts. What ever happened to that rascal?

On another board I know of they limit sig pics to 150 pixels hi x 400 wide. Text is limited to 6 lines if no image is included or 4 lines with an image.

Frankly I’d like to see that here as well. Some sigs take up way more screen than the actual post.

I admit there are a few signatures about that poke you in the eye like a Branson, Missouri billboard, ostentatious to the point of annoyance. On the other hand they do readily give identity to the poster and it doesn’t require an expenditure of all that much energy to scroll on down past.

Perhaps it’s like buying a 'Vette, an attempt to compensate for feelings of inferiority in other areas of life.

I like to keep my sig rather small, but big enough. And I’ve only noticed 2 or 3 that were really big. Are there any in particular that annoy you? I mean, people asked apollo to take down his sig, and he listened. So if it’s just one sig in particular, asking him/her is always an option.

I did something very dumb and accidentally deleted it from my computer. Also, it’s nice to finally see you again!

Facepalm. I thought he meant actually players’ signatures. -_-





plz make this happen

I recommend going into your profile, clicking “Look and Layout Preferences”, and clicking “Don’t show users’ signatures” and/or “Don’t show users’ avatars”. I have both checked and it has made YYE a more enjoyable experience for me!

P.S Do you like my signature?

but then you can’t see all the beautiful sigs people made (looking ate you JamesMay)… And links in people’s sigs… And… And… And the lolz