Lets talk about your Signature Block

Hello, your friendly neighborhood Admin is swinging through. We need to talk about an important eyesore, your signature block. I know you think it is very important to have flashing disco neopet dragons all up in everyones faces so they know that you are a 90th level candy crush leviathan, but no one should suffer the eye straining strobe of your color wheel of seizuretastic nausea. Henceforth, the following rules will be enforced.

Of course, in addition to this, keep it clean and family friendly.

If we see it, you will get a warning. If it is not gone, we delete it for you and give you a forum break.

Stuff like this is annoying but acceptable

Something like this is preferred. it doesn’t move and is not distracting. There are links that let people get in touch with me. This is ACTUALLY what a signature block is FOR. (Your inner monologue "hmmm, perhaps I should take note of this…)

This will get you kicked in the feels

Bottom line guys, don’t be an eye sore and don’t pollute the board with crappy gifs you find on reddit


In my profile preferences I checked the box that says “Don’t show users’ signatures.” Takes care of it all.


That is a good option jhauxfan, but there are actual and legit uses for the signature block